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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ok so I should be cleaning right now being that Christmas day is going to be at mine and josh's place and I still work atleast 16 hours if not more between now and Christmas which leave not much time to clean the house and hide all of baxters toys and all of our shoes so he does not find them but tonight has been filled with distractions like.....
the tv though we do not have cable it always distracts me. I am actually glad that we do not have cable anymore I get more done and it is less of a distraction now that we only have 5 channels instead of hundreds.
Then the newly ENGAGED couple my brother in law and my soon to be sister in law. Which of course huge distraction that I will take any day... much much more important than cleaning. So got to visit with them about how everything went. I already knew how it was going down but to hear that it all went as planned was very fun to hear. And of course the ring! I had seen it before but it looks even better on Ashley's hand those little ring boxes do not do the ring justice. So it sound like the wedding will end up being aug or sept but most likely sept and in HAWAII woot woot, though I already knew this since Ashley has been working on getting everything set up for it. But now that they are officially engaged(they practically have been for quite some time just not technically) Ashley is excited to do lots more of the planning now. I can not wait for their wedding not only because it is Hawaii but also to have Ashley join the family(officially of course) and she did catch the bouquet at mine and josh's wedding making it her turn to get married which will always be a fun story.
And of course blogger I quick looked on here to see if there were any updated blogs which of course there were so I read them and decided to blog like Dani did to keep away from what I should be doing.

The next few days will be some crazy days tomorrow is a 10 hour work day and then Christmas eve day is a 6 hour work day and both could easily be even longer. But after getting through the next little bit of work it will be so nice to celebrate Christmas and spend time with family and relax.

Oh ya probably should mention can't remember if i did in the last blog but my brat of a husband is in florida right now without me... maybe since he went with out me i will just leave the house cleaning to him that sounds fair right, Im a busy working woman while he is off having fun in florida. Well off to go see what mess Baxter has made.

Merry Christmas


  1. Definately let Josh clean. Just in case you didn't know, when the dog is naughty, it is Josh's. When it is nice, it is yours. Same goes for kids!

    Enjoy hosting your first Christmas!

  2. hawaii???

    awesome!! :) hope christmas at your place went well...i'm sure you got everything done :)