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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ok so I should be cleaning right now being that Christmas day is going to be at mine and josh's place and I still work atleast 16 hours if not more between now and Christmas which leave not much time to clean the house and hide all of baxters toys and all of our shoes so he does not find them but tonight has been filled with distractions like.....
the tv though we do not have cable it always distracts me. I am actually glad that we do not have cable anymore I get more done and it is less of a distraction now that we only have 5 channels instead of hundreds.
Then the newly ENGAGED couple my brother in law and my soon to be sister in law. Which of course huge distraction that I will take any day... much much more important than cleaning. So got to visit with them about how everything went. I already knew how it was going down but to hear that it all went as planned was very fun to hear. And of course the ring! I had seen it before but it looks even better on Ashley's hand those little ring boxes do not do the ring justice. So it sound like the wedding will end up being aug or sept but most likely sept and in HAWAII woot woot, though I already knew this since Ashley has been working on getting everything set up for it. But now that they are officially engaged(they practically have been for quite some time just not technically) Ashley is excited to do lots more of the planning now. I can not wait for their wedding not only because it is Hawaii but also to have Ashley join the family(officially of course) and she did catch the bouquet at mine and josh's wedding making it her turn to get married which will always be a fun story.
And of course blogger I quick looked on here to see if there were any updated blogs which of course there were so I read them and decided to blog like Dani did to keep away from what I should be doing.

The next few days will be some crazy days tomorrow is a 10 hour work day and then Christmas eve day is a 6 hour work day and both could easily be even longer. But after getting through the next little bit of work it will be so nice to celebrate Christmas and spend time with family and relax.

Oh ya probably should mention can't remember if i did in the last blog but my brat of a husband is in florida right now without me... maybe since he went with out me i will just leave the house cleaning to him that sounds fair right, Im a busy working woman while he is off having fun in florida. Well off to go see what mess Baxter has made.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Crazies

Things have been crazy around here. Working in retail means long hours around Christmas and dealing with lots of crazy people/crabby people. I have today and tomorrow off. It is so nice to have two days off in a row and on a weekend. Finally getting caught up on Christmas cards, all addressed and ready to go just haven't made it to the mail box. I have all of the Christmas presents bought... now just to finish wrapping them which needs to be done today since some of them are for the Christmas tomorrow. House clean... not so much but I tried. Every time that I get it clean it seems as though it is trashed within a day. hmm... wonder who could be doing that maybe a little puppy who feels the need to bring all his toys out, play with all our shoes... whenever we leave somewhere we have to go hunt our shoes down, or tearing apart anything that he can get a hold of such as paper(always something important of course), cell phones, computer cords, and the newest addition stuffed animals... he has a puffkin that he loves and has finally ripped it open and how the stuffing is all around the house.

well off to try to clean the house as baxter destroys it and get Christmas wrapping done and the Christmas cards sent out so you get them before Christmas.

I will try to make another post sooner than later Im pretty sure I will be able to before Christmas :) hopefully lol

Friday, November 12, 2010


Thanks to one of my besties Dani you are able to get 50 free Christmas cards from shutterfly. All you have to do is fill out the form at FREE PICS! and then just blog about it so others can get the free pics too. Then go HERE giving them to the link to your blog about the free pictures. But this is awesome if you ask me I have always been a fan of shutterfly because of their great quality and awesome deals like this all the time... they love giving free pictures away. This is a great way to get some cute cheap(as in free) Christmas cards out to the family and friends. Ok enough about that....

Guess where we went!!!! FLORIDA! We took a mini vaca with baxter and flew down to Florida to stay at Josh's parents place for a few days(and by few I mean a mini mini vaca... only 4 days and two of them spent flying but it is better than nothing). It was baxters first plane ride and it is nice with josh's flight benefits that baxter is able to fly with us in the plane for free he did very well. Spent our two days at the beach. The first day we went to sanabel island and fort myers beach... well a few miles down from the main pier being dogs aren't allowed there and both were very enjoyable baxter really loved the beach... not the ocean so much but the beach he absolutely loved. Then Thursday we went to the beach that we found last Christmas right before you cross the bridge to captiva from sanabel. It was perfect weather that day I think we ended up spending atleast 4 hours there if not more. We even saw some dolphins there this time last year we saw a shark it swam up along the shore line I guess they are pretty harmless there but I was still happy not to see a shark and see dolphins instead. Baxter dug and dug in the sand... also ate lots of sand he preferred to eat his food in the sand instead of in the dish that did not have sand in it. So pretty much all we did on vacation was hang at the beach and you can tell that by josh's sun burn... he didn't think that the CVS sunscreen that i bought actually did any good so he only put it on his shoulders which of course then did not burn and the rest of his body is burnt... with a very distinct line where he did put sunscreen. that will teach him to doubt my CVS sunscreen.

Well I guess it is back to work and all that junk :( but here are some pictures of baxter at the beach and maybe a video if I can figure out how to work it :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Florida in a week Woot-Woot

Things around the house are finally starting to get into a routine. It is very nice to not be traveling anymore. The hotel rooms were nice... really nice, but it is so nice to be in my own house and be able to keep up with the house work... well better than i was before. Though with baxter that gets to be very difficult being him and chloe bring out every toy he has anytime i put them away. it feels as soon as i get one room picked up and spotless everything in its place and clean the rest of the house is a disaster... right now the one room that is perfect is the guest bedroom.... the one room we never use but it seems so be the junk room where everything gets thrown... hopefully after me organizing it this time and labeling everything it can stay clean so that it will be ready for when we get company. and i guess the kitchen is also spotless right now too but i try to always keep it that way. so now to just get the living room and bedroom all cleaned up might try doing that after this.

Josh is now working only at the airport and then also doing school full time.... and doing great at both. he really seems to like the airport and of course the benefits it was fun flying to the cities for free to just go shopping :) hopefully after the holiday season is over we will have more time to travel. Josh is doing great in school right now! he is taking all online classes so it is up to himself to get him to learn the information and get all the homework done. a lot more than i could have done he is getting a 4.0 as of right now as long as he keeps his grades where they are at right now!!!

Next week me and josh and baxter are going to florida for 4 days :) I cant wait to get away even if for only 4 days.

Well i have run out of things to say so i will leave you guys with a picture of baxter :)

Well baxter and ninja

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Made a blog on my phone and managed to delete it so you get a picture of baxter instead

What a cutie and don't worry to you aren't missing a good post our life has been very boring
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Friday, September 10, 2010

busy busy life of the clarks (and more pics of baxter)

Well it has been a while so I suppose it is time for a new post. Things have still been crazy around the Clark house hold. I am still getting used to the new job this week was my first week on the floor at verizon. training was good but im so glad to be done! We also now have baxter... what a handful lol. He is so full of energy the first few days potty training went great... now not as great but still decent but having more accidents now. him and chloe keep me and josh rather busy they are slowly trying to play together more... i will try to post a video of it. Josh is now working one day a week at the cabinet shop and then part time at the airport here in fargo oh ya and going to school too. so saying he keeps busy would be an understatement. He is really enjoying the new job at the airport. we are also rather excited about the benefits ;) hopefully life will slow down a bit so that we can enjoy it im already planning a trip to LA in january or febuary.... once we get past the black out months at verizon. Josh is doing great in school so far it seems as though he always is getting done with his stuff early though this week was a little harder for him being i was not there thursday and friday to help with baxter so he didn't get as much school time but he still gets it done :)

well im not sure what else to say so i'll post some pics of baxter and try for that video :)

I'll play with anything even a towel or paper

or i'll just look cute

or a beanie baby

or my brush

i really like my brush

come here kitty kitty im going to get you

i can still get you, im faster than you

hey you are eating my food

both are tired after playing

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

guess what we got...

So I figure I should do a blog to tell about all the the fun changes in my life(and Josh's).

First off I have started my big girl job!!! woot-woot I'm a customer service representative (well in training for a month). I have started my training for Verizon this week I am in the mall doing some job shadowing and then the next four weeks I will spend in the cities. I'm excited to do my training in the cities. First off I really enjoy times spent in the cities with friends and all and then to add on top of it to get paid to go to the cities!!! My class for training is a bunch of super fun people too which majorly helps too I'm excited to get to know them better and spend more time with them in the upcoming weeks.

Secondly we got a DOG!!!!! His name is Baxter. We don't actually get him till sept. 3rd because he is still to young. But we are pretty excited to get him in a month. He is a yorkie poo that we bought from a breeder about a hour out of Fargo. He will most likely be spoiled rotten just like Chloe is but oh well someone has to be spoiled. The nice this about having to wait a month to get Baxter is that it gives us time to get the things we need for him and not have to make one huge purchase at once because believe me dogs are expensive and we knew that going into it so this way we can shop around and wait for the deals.

I will be sure to put pictures up on here when we get Baxter and maybe If you are lucky you will get another post before we get Baxter.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Married 2 Weeks!!

Well it had been two weeks and I can't believe how fast it has gone. The house if finally coming together slowly but surely. I have done 8+ loads of laundry I lost count I did not realize how much there is to of laundry and washing dishes with all the stuff we got for the wedding. But I believe it is done and we only have a few things to find spots for in the house. It feels good to finally putting stuff away and knowing I wont be having to move it again for a while.

Tonight was my childhood friend Rachael's wedding!! It was so fun to go to a wedding after getting mine all done with. It was such a beautiful wedding and so fun to see!! Congrats Tyler and Rachael Spriggs :)

I would write more but there isn't really much to say other than still on the real person job hunt ya thats it off to bed since I have a long work day at fridays tomorrow :(

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Officially a Clark

Yes I know I should not be on here but josh if off relaxing by himself :) So the wedding went amazing!!! The honeymoon so far has been amazing we were blessed to be given a time share as a gift for the wedding from josh's aunt and uncle :) thanks again Pfeifers!! Me and Josh spent a day at seaworld which was a blast being i had never been there i loved it!! then the next day at aquatica which was super fun too. then today was the beach we drove to cocoa beach and rented a boogie board for josh and umbrella for me so while he boogie boarded i relaxed under my umbrella... so i didn't get anymore burnt than i already am. felt great to relax after to very busy days. the rest of our days will be spent relaxing by the pool i think and maybe more shopping. after the last few stressful months of school and wedding stuff it feels so nice to just relax and spend time with my husband... wow that is just weird to say. calling him my husband instead of fiance will take me a while. well off for now thanks to everyone who helped out with the wedding. i will leave you with a pic of the beach from today.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Blog

Well as I have been told I need to start a blog when I get married... I know I am not married quite yet but I figured I don't really feel like sleeping so I shall get a head start on this blogging thing and maybe by the time we actually do get married I will be better at it. So here goes......

Life has been crazy for me trying to finish up school and oh ya almost forgot I'm supposed to be planning a wedding lol. The wedding is almost planned I think its just down to small details(I hope I'm right). I absolutely can't wait for the wedding... one so it is just done lol and two to be married and three to see all my wonderful friends and family I can not wait to see everyone.

Ok well I'm getting sleepy already... maybe this blog thing will help me go to sleep sooner lol so bye bye

15 days till graduation
35 days till the wedding!!!!!!!