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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Post

Well I suppose I should get a post in before my live gets turned upside down by the Iphone.... ooohh ahhhh... ya I'm over it too already lol. Christmas and New Years was great. Glad to be back to normal life... well for a week or so more lol. We had a great Christmas with my side of the family and Dan and Alicia. Fun as always lots of fun family bonding. New Years.... well that was an interesting few days. Back to back blizzards, 100 car pile up, trapped inside the house for almost 3 days. My roomie from last year came up to visit thinking she would be able to get home on new years eve day.... well that plan went out the window when blizzard number 1 hit. So since we were going no where on new years eve day I put her to work... ok I helped too and she offered. But we got the guest bedroom painted finally luckily I had picked up paint 2 days before for whenever we had time. So it is all painted a really nice blue color all I have left to do is put the room back together lol. That night we tried going to a friends who was 2 blocks away... ya no go got about half way there before we got stuck and so we turned around and had a nice new years eve just the three of us (I went to bed at 1130 lol). Finally on the 2nd the town put itself back together and started opening up stuff so Ari could get back home to her fam and I could get back to work. Oh ya and eventually they did come plow eagle run but I'm pretty sure it was the very last place to be plowed so for a while the streets were only one car width wide from the trucks driving through.
A week and a half ago me and josh went to Denver to visit his aunt and uncle and snowboard. We had a blast only went snowboarding one day and man did I hurt after one day. Lets just say snowboarding is not my cup of tea. I love my skis. I just couldn't get myself to go down the hill sideways I don't like facing where I'm going. Here is a pic of Josh and Jared going skiing down the continental divide(note I'm not due to still being in pain)
We had a blast spending time with the family too. We hadn't gotten to see them since the wedding :( Baxter also got to come with and he met a new friend Kota -
They had a blast playing with each other!
Baxter got a new bed from Kathie Jo, she had bought it for one of the other cats they had but none of the cats ever liked it but Baxter loves it!
Kota wanted to come home with us. I'm sure that Dave would have been fine with us taking Kota home but we figured we would be nice and not steal Kota from Dave being he loves Kota so much lol

Here is a video of Baxter and Kota playing

oh ya and lets not forget the easy plane ride home... or lack there of. We got to the airport around 7am Sunday morning hoping to get on a 9am flight... that was our first failed flight... then we tried to get on a bunch of other delta flights but everything was over booked and what wasn't the planes broke down so about half way through the day we decided to try getting on the united flights. we finally got on a flight late Sunday night to Bismarck because that was the closest that we could get to Fargo... well we got kicked off that one. Finally got on a flight and not kicked off around 10:30pm and into Bismarck around 2am. Thanks to our lovely Mothers we did not have to stay over in Bismarck they drove to Bismarck so they could be there in time to pick us up and drive us back to Fargo. It was a long day but glad to be home at the end of it. I guess that is the price we have to pay every once and a while to fly for free whenever we want.

Well that is what has been going on in our life lately to come is CrAzYnEsS!!! Iphone is in Verizon stores on Feb 10th let the madness begin!!! I will be back once it all dies down.

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