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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Crazies

Things have been crazy around here. Working in retail means long hours around Christmas and dealing with lots of crazy people/crabby people. I have today and tomorrow off. It is so nice to have two days off in a row and on a weekend. Finally getting caught up on Christmas cards, all addressed and ready to go just haven't made it to the mail box. I have all of the Christmas presents bought... now just to finish wrapping them which needs to be done today since some of them are for the Christmas tomorrow. House clean... not so much but I tried. Every time that I get it clean it seems as though it is trashed within a day. hmm... wonder who could be doing that maybe a little puppy who feels the need to bring all his toys out, play with all our shoes... whenever we leave somewhere we have to go hunt our shoes down, or tearing apart anything that he can get a hold of such as paper(always something important of course), cell phones, computer cords, and the newest addition stuffed animals... he has a puffkin that he loves and has finally ripped it open and how the stuffing is all around the house.

well off to try to clean the house as baxter destroys it and get Christmas wrapping done and the Christmas cards sent out so you get them before Christmas.

I will try to make another post sooner than later Im pretty sure I will be able to before Christmas :) hopefully lol


  1. thanks for posting, bre! i hear ya about the house getting dirty right after it gets cleaned...and we don't even have a dog! :) hope you get some rest this wknd. love you!

  2. Got your card today in the mail Loved It! I was not nearly as ambitious as you... just did the picture and that is all no letter from me :)