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Friday, November 12, 2010


Thanks to one of my besties Dani you are able to get 50 free Christmas cards from shutterfly. All you have to do is fill out the form at FREE PICS! and then just blog about it so others can get the free pics too. Then go HERE giving them to the link to your blog about the free pictures. But this is awesome if you ask me I have always been a fan of shutterfly because of their great quality and awesome deals like this all the time... they love giving free pictures away. This is a great way to get some cute cheap(as in free) Christmas cards out to the family and friends. Ok enough about that....

Guess where we went!!!! FLORIDA! We took a mini vaca with baxter and flew down to Florida to stay at Josh's parents place for a few days(and by few I mean a mini mini vaca... only 4 days and two of them spent flying but it is better than nothing). It was baxters first plane ride and it is nice with josh's flight benefits that baxter is able to fly with us in the plane for free he did very well. Spent our two days at the beach. The first day we went to sanabel island and fort myers beach... well a few miles down from the main pier being dogs aren't allowed there and both were very enjoyable baxter really loved the beach... not the ocean so much but the beach he absolutely loved. Then Thursday we went to the beach that we found last Christmas right before you cross the bridge to captiva from sanabel. It was perfect weather that day I think we ended up spending atleast 4 hours there if not more. We even saw some dolphins there this time last year we saw a shark it swam up along the shore line I guess they are pretty harmless there but I was still happy not to see a shark and see dolphins instead. Baxter dug and dug in the sand... also ate lots of sand he preferred to eat his food in the sand instead of in the dish that did not have sand in it. So pretty much all we did on vacation was hang at the beach and you can tell that by josh's sun burn... he didn't think that the CVS sunscreen that i bought actually did any good so he only put it on his shoulders which of course then did not burn and the rest of his body is burnt... with a very distinct line where he did put sunscreen. that will teach him to doubt my CVS sunscreen.

Well I guess it is back to work and all that junk :( but here are some pictures of baxter at the beach and maybe a video if I can figure out how to work it :)


  1. Yay, Bre! I love the pictures and cute video! Looks like you guys had a fun mini vaca! :)

    I can't wait, either, to get our free cards (i had to go back and fix my post and put links in but oh well) we'll have to be on each other's Christmas card mailing list! love you!

  2. yes we will and I already got an email back with the code to get the free pics woot-woot im so glad you posted it! can't wait to see your Christmas cards! Love you too