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Monday, November 1, 2010

Florida in a week Woot-Woot

Things around the house are finally starting to get into a routine. It is very nice to not be traveling anymore. The hotel rooms were nice... really nice, but it is so nice to be in my own house and be able to keep up with the house work... well better than i was before. Though with baxter that gets to be very difficult being him and chloe bring out every toy he has anytime i put them away. it feels as soon as i get one room picked up and spotless everything in its place and clean the rest of the house is a disaster... right now the one room that is perfect is the guest bedroom.... the one room we never use but it seems so be the junk room where everything gets thrown... hopefully after me organizing it this time and labeling everything it can stay clean so that it will be ready for when we get company. and i guess the kitchen is also spotless right now too but i try to always keep it that way. so now to just get the living room and bedroom all cleaned up might try doing that after this.

Josh is now working only at the airport and then also doing school full time.... and doing great at both. he really seems to like the airport and of course the benefits it was fun flying to the cities for free to just go shopping :) hopefully after the holiday season is over we will have more time to travel. Josh is doing great in school right now! he is taking all online classes so it is up to himself to get him to learn the information and get all the homework done. a lot more than i could have done he is getting a 4.0 as of right now as long as he keeps his grades where they are at right now!!!

Next week me and josh and baxter are going to florida for 4 days :) I cant wait to get away even if for only 4 days.

Well i have run out of things to say so i will leave you guys with a picture of baxter :)

Well baxter and ninja


  1. Sounds like you've had an incredibly productive day. Days off are sooo fun, aren't they?

  2. Wow way to go Josh on a 4.0!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy your time in Florida.. I can't wait til you can come visit here again!