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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

guess what we got...

So I figure I should do a blog to tell about all the the fun changes in my life(and Josh's).

First off I have started my big girl job!!! woot-woot I'm a customer service representative (well in training for a month). I have started my training for Verizon this week I am in the mall doing some job shadowing and then the next four weeks I will spend in the cities. I'm excited to do my training in the cities. First off I really enjoy times spent in the cities with friends and all and then to add on top of it to get paid to go to the cities!!! My class for training is a bunch of super fun people too which majorly helps too I'm excited to get to know them better and spend more time with them in the upcoming weeks.

Secondly we got a DOG!!!!! His name is Baxter. We don't actually get him till sept. 3rd because he is still to young. But we are pretty excited to get him in a month. He is a yorkie poo that we bought from a breeder about a hour out of Fargo. He will most likely be spoiled rotten just like Chloe is but oh well someone has to be spoiled. The nice this about having to wait a month to get Baxter is that it gives us time to get the things we need for him and not have to make one huge purchase at once because believe me dogs are expensive and we knew that going into it so this way we can shop around and wait for the deals.

I will be sure to put pictures up on here when we get Baxter and maybe If you are lucky you will get another post before we get Baxter.

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