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Friday, September 10, 2010

busy busy life of the clarks (and more pics of baxter)

Well it has been a while so I suppose it is time for a new post. Things have still been crazy around the Clark house hold. I am still getting used to the new job this week was my first week on the floor at verizon. training was good but im so glad to be done! We also now have baxter... what a handful lol. He is so full of energy the first few days potty training went great... now not as great but still decent but having more accidents now. him and chloe keep me and josh rather busy they are slowly trying to play together more... i will try to post a video of it. Josh is now working one day a week at the cabinet shop and then part time at the airport here in fargo oh ya and going to school too. so saying he keeps busy would be an understatement. He is really enjoying the new job at the airport. we are also rather excited about the benefits ;) hopefully life will slow down a bit so that we can enjoy it im already planning a trip to LA in january or febuary.... once we get past the black out months at verizon. Josh is doing great in school so far it seems as though he always is getting done with his stuff early though this week was a little harder for him being i was not there thursday and friday to help with baxter so he didn't get as much school time but he still gets it done :)

well im not sure what else to say so i'll post some pics of baxter and try for that video :)

I'll play with anything even a towel or paper

or i'll just look cute

or a beanie baby

or my brush

i really like my brush

come here kitty kitty im going to get you

i can still get you, im faster than you

hey you are eating my food

both are tired after playing


  1. what a cuuuuuute little guy, bre! i love your little family!