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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Officially a Clark

Yes I know I should not be on here but josh if off relaxing by himself :) So the wedding went amazing!!! The honeymoon so far has been amazing we were blessed to be given a time share as a gift for the wedding from josh's aunt and uncle :) thanks again Pfeifers!! Me and Josh spent a day at seaworld which was a blast being i had never been there i loved it!! then the next day at aquatica which was super fun too. then today was the beach we drove to cocoa beach and rented a boogie board for josh and umbrella for me so while he boogie boarded i relaxed under my umbrella... so i didn't get anymore burnt than i already am. felt great to relax after to very busy days. the rest of our days will be spent relaxing by the pool i think and maybe more shopping. after the last few stressful months of school and wedding stuff it feels so nice to just relax and spend time with my husband... wow that is just weird to say. calling him my husband instead of fiance will take me a while. well off for now thanks to everyone who helped out with the wedding. i will leave you with a pic of the beach from today.


  1. Mrs. Clark, I am so glad to hear you are blogging! It is a great way to travel life's journey - writing your way through. Enjoy the sunshine and your hubby!

  2. Yay!!! we better keep each other motivated to blog. I am glad you are enjoying your honeymoon!!! So thankful I was apart of your beautiful day. I love you so much and so glad you have a husband! wow that does seem crazy to say!!! hugs and kisses

  3. My dear Breezy~
    So very proud of you, and even more excited to see how God is blessing you and Josh together. I like the blog idea! Enjoy your time together.

  4. Aw Bre, I am so happy you found your Price Charming. :) You two are WAY cute together. I am looking forward for more blog posts!
    -Grace P.

  5. Love your picture. I'm an Eden fan! Need to connect some time as I have a gift with your name on it. The sickies are all better!